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          WY5883 Multi-standard digital TV signal generator
          WY8602A Series Multi Standard TV Pattern Generator
          WY5418A Multi Standard Pattern Generator
          WY2288 Digitally RF Millivolt Meter/Low Power Meter(200Hz-1.5GHz)
          HFJ-8G RF Millivolt Meter (100Hz-1.5GHz)
          WY2851D Digitel Q Meter(50kHz~50MHz)
          WY2852D Digitel Q Meter(1kHz~70MHz)

          HFJ-8G RF Millivolt Meter (100Hz-1.5GHz)
          HFJ-8G RF Millivolt Meter(100Hz~1.5GHz)

          Only using one probe reached super frequency responsibility, high reliable tip-touch range keys with convex. No any concerns about slip or being misplaced. Replaceable probe of quality eliminating detection non-linearity, having uniform scales; easy to read.




          1.1 Measuring Rage:


          Extended to 300V using the 40dB divider (optional)



          1.2 Operating Frequency Range:



          1.3 Basic Error:



          1.4 Input Impedance



          1.5 Size:


          (Specifications which should be referred to instruction manual are subject to change without notice.)

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