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          Tel:0086-21-6584 0263, 0086-21-3510 0150
          Fax:0086-21-6584 0263
          Mobile phone:
          1390 188 1712
          136 1186 5382
          Please contact: Mr.Yuan, Miss Jiang

          WY5883 Multi-standard digital TV signal generator
          WY8602A Series Multi Standard TV Pattern Generator
          WY5418A Multi Standard Pattern Generator
          WY2288 Digitally RF Millivolt Meter/Low Power Meter(200Hz-1.5GHz)
          HFJ-8G RF Millivolt Meter (100Hz-1.5GHz)
          WY2851D Digitel Q Meter(50kHz~50MHz)
          WY2852D Digitel Q Meter(1kHz~70MHz)

          Shanghai Wu Yi Electronics Co., Ltd. is a High Technology Company, which was established at the end of 1999. After the Ex—Shanghai Radio Instrument Factory went out of business, the main staffs of the management, development and sales department has joined our company.

          SWY takes the research and production of the electronics basic measuring instrument as the main business, also provides the import, configuration and sales service. Our main products include: Millivolt Meter series (LF, VF & RF, Analog & Digital), High Frequency Q Meter series (50~100MHz) and Signal Generator (LF, RF, TV Test Signal, DDS Synthesize Generator, Function / Arbitrary Waveform Signal Generator etc.). Our products were widely applies to the domain of scientific research, education and enterprise production.
          1 HF Q Meter Series:
          1.1 Digital Q Meter/ Q Meter(50~110MHz)
          1.2 Dielectric Loss Measuring Fixture
          1.3 LCR Digital Bridge

          2 TV Signal Generator:
          2.2 Video signal generator:
          2.2.2 Digital Pattern Generator(Monoscope pattern)
          2.2.3 color complex test pattern generator (philips pattern)
          2.3 TV signal generator With RF output
          2.4 Multi-system Centralized TV Signal Sources for production lines
          2.5 Agile Video & Audio Modulator
          2.6 Broad band high level amplifier

          3 RF/ Low-Frequency Signal Generator Series:
          3.1 DDS RF Generator
          3.2 Series DDS Function/Arbitrary Wave Generators
          3.3 Low-Frequency Signal Generator

          4 Voltmeter Series:
          4.1 RF Voltmeter
          4.2 VF Voltmeter
          4.3 AC Voltmeter

          SWY is committed to maintain and enhance the quality management, technology essence and integrity marketing of Ex—Shanghai Radio Instrument Factory. We will keep up to date with all clients.

          We would like to thank all the customers and cooperators. Our staffs will make every effort to offer the best service.
          Address: Room 503, 216 Tang Shan Road (Smart Business Building), Shanghai, China
          Tel: 0086-021-6584 0263、3510 0150
          Fax: 0086-021-6584 0263、6559 0383
          Please Contact : Mr.Yuan,
          Mobile phone: +86 1390 188 1712
          Mobile phone: +86 136 118 653 82
          Email: swy-1@263.net


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